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Claim Charge Entry Services

Improper entry of documentation results in heavy revenue losses for medical practices.  Year after year, as the administrative burden increases for physicians in order to get paid, more and more practices fall as a result of lost revenue due to improper charge capturing.  By having the proper charge entry partner, you can input your claim charges knowing that they will be properly analyzed regarding both documentation and correct coding, and that they will be submitted to maximize revenues. 

Avosina’s charge entry and coding teams specialize in precisely and accurately assessing, entering, and managing high volumes of claims in all specialties and all EHR systems.  Our mastery of work on any and all systems seamlessly enables complete accuracy from start to finish.

Charge Entry Process

Our charge entry process streamlines and perfects workflow as we:

  • Assess documentation of charges in all forms (charge tickets, superbills, imported charges from EMR systems, etc.).
  • Review and establish accuracy regarding CPT, ICD-10, POS, DOS, admission date, billing provider, referring provider, units, and modifiers.
  • Harness in-house, proprietary tools to display real-time claim status to create transparent communication channels regarding all charges for rapid submission.

Value we add to you with Avosina’s Charge Entry Services

  • Improve accuracy and rapidity of submissions
  • Analysis of charge entry processes to prevent revenue loss
  • Establish and maximize appropriate reimbursements
  • Real-time, transparent reporting and communication channels

Do you want to maximize your revenue collections?