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In almost all medical practices, the front desk is overloaded with a slew of tasks:  incoming patient scheduling inquiries, patient frontend payment collections, checking in patients, balance checking, provider designation and timely checking, demographic review, insurance eligibility and verification of benefits, checking out patients, etc.  With so many tasks to complete, understanding how to handle patient billing inquiries is yet another tasks that, without the proper expertise can become a frustrating experience for both the front desk staff and the patient.  In fact, it is often the case that providers and practices as a whole get negative online reviews because patients don’t get answers from the front desk to their billing questions.

With Avosina, this entire hassle and negative scenario can be altogether circumvented.  Your front desk staff can address the most simplistic billing questions (like, “what is my total balance due?”), and if any inquiry becomes more complex than what they are suited to handle, they can easily transfer the patient to us, or have the patient contact us directly.  A dedicated billing manager will handle all of your patient’s billing inquiries.  In fact, even on patient statements and other bills sent to the patient, any time they have any inquiry about their bill, our number can be the first one that they contact to resolve their questions proficiently and with expertise. 

All of the patient billing inquiries that come in to Avosina’s medical practices at our phone number are handled by native English speakers with advanced billing expertise.  The inquire handling process starts and ends with a patient-centric focus, thus ensuring the highest possible satisfaction with the call handling process.

Remove the hassles and challenges of patient billing inquires from your practice so that the intimate and potentially frustrating conversations about patient finances, bills, and payments can be exported out of your practice altogether and away from your waiting room.

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