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Credentialing & Enrollment Services

Provider credentialing entails enlisting providers with payers so that patients can utilize their insurance benefits to pay or reimburse you for services rendered at your practice.  Likewise, provider enrollment entails that the payers have all the data that they need to actually transmit funds to pay the provider for services rendered.  It is imperative that providers properly enroll and credential with payers so that you can treat patients of various insurances and get paid for your work.  Failing to credential and enroll with payers causes you to be out-of-network with the payer, and thus results in patients looking to other practices that are in-network so that they have less out-of-pocket charges.  Improper enrollment and credentialing will result in you hemorrhaging away reimbursements and treating patients with no ability to collect on your revenues.

Ensuring proper enrollment and credentialing, and maintaining your credentials throughout the year, year-after-year, is an extremely meticulous, time-consuming, and administratively labor-intensive manual process, especially as each payer has its own unique and special policies and requirements that take significant effort to probe into to ensure exact credentialing and enrollment accuracy.  As a highly reputed, trusted, expert solution in the industry with a credentialing and enrollment team that has been working with payers for over 30 years, Avosina will enable you to rest with peace of mind knowing that your enrollment and credentialing needs are fully solved and managed with unbeatable precision. 

Avosina’s Provider Enrollment & Credentialing Process

  • Verify and complete required practice and provider documentation.
  • Update the payer database with any missing information regarding providers.
  • Enroll in electronic payment transactions including EDIs, ERAs, and EFTs.
  • Systematically follow-up on every provider’s enrollment with every payer.
  • Update provider information in CAQH, other databases, and in accordance with payer protocols. 
  • Monitor reimbursement accuracies to ensure all monies are deposited fully and accurately in a timely fashion.

Value We Add To You With Our Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Services

  • Avoid tedious, meticulous, on-going paperwork
  • Maintain updated status with payers
  • Architect deep payer relations to leverage in future negotiations
  • Optimize payment processing
  • Maximize referred and self-driven patients by maximizing in-network coverage
  • Reduce denials and revenue loss stemming from provider data failures
  • Access your real-time credentials with payers

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