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As a medical billing client of Avosina Medical Technology, you gain access to our proprietary, in-house analytics tools that will enable you to significantly increase your revenues via critical strategic insights.  

  • Descriptive insights will inform you about current occurrences (a simple example:  e.g. a claim is denied due to a specific code for a specific provider).  
  • Diagnostic insights will reveal why the occurrence took place (e.g. the denial resulted due to the specific provider not being properly enrolled and credentialed in the particular payer’s system).  
  • Predictive insights will reveal what will happen if you continue on without addressing the root cause of the occurrence (e.g. losses in future revenue due to failure to credential the provider and prevent these denials).  
  • Prescriptive insights will aggregate all insights to elucidate upon a best course of action for the practice to take (e.g. enroll and credential the provider to prevent future denials and revenue loss).  
The dashboard can be customized to your practice, offering you the most crucial insights that are important for you and your practice to thrive:
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