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Whereas solid documentation, coding, and claims submissions processes are critical the revenue cycle, many healthcare administrators and providers regarding payment posting as simply the process of entering remittances into the practice management system.  The truth is that a professional team of payment posting personnel will discern and delineate key trends and insights regarding the health of your revenue cycle management processes.   insights into the overall effectiveness of your revenue cycle processes.

Avosina’s payment posting experts process reimbursements while gaining deep insights, enabling you to understand and address the reasons for rejections, payment delays, denials, front end collections efficiency, patient demographic entry quality, clinical documentation quality, and the quality of medical coding rendered.

Avosina’s Payment Posting Process

At Avosina, we post and analyze all types of remittances rapidly and with meticulous attention to detail.  Electronic Remittance Advise (ERAs) and electronic fund transfers (EFTs) contain a large volume of claims reimbursements as batches which involve segregating, filing, and correcting postings within the medical group’s practice management system.  Manual posting entails capturing line items of individual patient payments are from scanned images of explanation of benefits (EOBs) and then entering the data into the patient account.  Posting denials involves knowledge of remark codes with each payer to discern the rationale for denials, while kick-starting an appeals process to discern which action needs to take place:  claim corrections, clinical documentation enhancement, secondary or tertiary billing, transferring owed amounts to patient balances due to patient financial responsibilities, establishing adjustments and write-offs, and other denial rectification workflow process lines. 

Posting patient payments entails processing payments received from patients to rectify and reconcile accounts via all payment channels by which your practice accepts payments:  cash, checks, credit cards, bank transfers, health savings accounts, etc.  Our posting experts assess patient and payer financial responsibility and will appropriately transfer balances to payers and patients as appropriate for payment resolution and capturing every penny owed to your practice.  By working with your practice to develop rule-based systems, our billing experts ensure that all adjustments, write-offs, balance transfers, and account reconciliation processes are in-line with your practice needs.

With our advanced in-house technologies, we can automate batch payment posting processes with unparalleled precision and accuracy while gaining deep payment insights with our team of billing experts. 

Value We add to you with avosina’s payment posting service 

  • Specified standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols for your practice on claim remittance processing and write-off, adjustment, balance transfers, reconciliations, denial process management, and other action steps
  • Individual payment reports couple with deep analytics on payer and patient payment financial responsibilities and trends
  • Secondary and tertiary payer identification and revenue collection
  • Knowledge database to store information impacting your practice-specific trends, policies, and updates
  • Easy-access analytics dashboard that enables you to have a clear, rapid, and transparent understanding of all your claim processes and remittance transactions

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