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Real-Time Reporting Services

Avosina Medical Technologies offers a plethora of real-time reports that can be accessed by you through robust analytics dashboard we provide you with as part of our service.  In addition to real-time reports, we can send you daily, weekly, and month reports specific to your customized needs.  Such reports include daily patient balances due, daily encounters, weekly open encounter claim reports, monthly governance reports, procedural utilization reports, etc.

We can break-down these reports however you’d like:  by provider, by patient, by CPT code, by date, by visit level, or by any other combinatorial metric you can think of — the possibilities are endless!  This stated, however, we do have roughly 10-15 key reporting metrics for all specialties that we believe are the most valuable to practices in assessing and comprehending the status of the vast majority of their revenues in a single glance.  We’ve made it our mission to make reporting as transparent, comprehensive yet simple, and strategic as possible so that you minimize your time and energy on worrying about the status of your owed money and can instead harness your time and attention on actually generating more money by focusing on patient care! 

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We’re on a mission to fully harness the robust internal infrastructure of our RCM and IT expertise coupled with our vast external professional healthcare management and leadership networks in order to continually maximize our clients profits and drive the development of prosperous, hassle-free private practice independence.

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