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Claim Review & Correction Services

Avosina Medical Technologies has experts dedicated to identifying overcoding that leads to audit risks, undercoding that leads to missed billing opportunities, and missing charges that results in direct revenue loss.  We meticulously assess every charge from start-to-finish and ensure proper levels of care, services, modifiers, and units are entered.  We compare charges to patient histories and fee schedules to flag suspected inaccuracies or duplications, and we addressed undercoding and overcoding immediately.   

Avosina’s Claim Review & Correction Process

By systematically reviewing and correcting charges, Avosina uncovers root cause issues in the charge entry process.  Issues in the process may stem from delays in provider charge submission timeliness, provider coding issues, missed billing opportunities, encounter absences, etc.  Through our extensive charge review process — including: a.) automated claim scrubber, b.) professional biller manual review c.) management executive review — Avosina optimizes your claim entry to claim submission process; we help you architect a predictable, repeatable, scalable productivity model that enables you to have strategic insight into your monthly revenues.  

Value we add to you with Avosina’s Claim Review & Correction Process

  • Enhance workflow productivity and coding accuracy
  • Timely filing of claims and benchmarking of fee schedules
  • Ascertain historic denial patterns to mitigate future denials
  • Maximize revenue generation and identify missed revenue opportunities
  • Discern and correct compliance issues related to overcoding and overcharging
  • Discover and rectify lost charges
  • Prevent delays in obtaining AR

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We’re on a mission to fully harness the robust internal infrastructure of our RCM and IT expertise coupled with our vast external professional healthcare management and leadership networks in order to continually maximize our clients profits and drive the development of prosperous, hassle-free private practice independence.

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