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Avosina Medical Technologies is an RCM, IT Management, and technology-focused MSO Enablement Firm owned by physicians to empower healthcare providers with every available resource, driving practice to thrive autonomously with maximum potential profitability. In managing over $80+ Million of annual practice revenues with continued rapid growth and proven client success, Avosina’s philosophy and growth trajectory mirrors the vision and objectives of scaling organization seeking to reduce costs and increase reenues. With our core competencies of MSO Development, Total RCM, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Credentialing, IT Network Engineering/Infrastructure/Security, Deep Practice Analytics, and HIPAA/OSHA Compliance, coupled with added competencies in the fields of Recruiting/Staffing, Marketing, Legal, Charge Capture, and Telemedicine, Avosina’s sole focus is adding unmatched value to your organization for accelerated growth and profitability.


Revenue Cycle Management

Complete EMR/EHR platform-agnostic onshore revenue cycle management solution:


Avosina’s halaX analytics tool is a fully customizable data mining and analytics platform created to better inform decisions about how to simplify your business while substantially increasing profitability. We will work side-by-side with your practice to create customized modules for whatever needs your practice requires. This software is capable of integrating with nearly all EMR/EHR and PM systems in order to compile, track, and report critical metrics that are invaluable to your practice.


Complete physician credentialing process with payers

Digital Marketing to increase awareness and boost your practice’s growth:

Three-tiered secure architecture with secured VPN tunneling and server database for practice data storage and modulation to establish complete practice IT Infrastructure and Network Engineering solutions.

  1. IT Support Desk: 7 PM to 5 PM Staffed Support Desk accessible through phone and email. Providing support for all user IT related issues (including Field Tech services): · Break-fix Issues · Mobile device inventory records · Email administration · Printer maintenance and support · User account administration for Windows and Operations · User awareness thru daily network status reports · Virus and Malware defense · Remote assistance
  2. IT Server Administration: • Server build and configuration / Client site / Physical and AWS and Azure cloud hosting of Saas and IaaS • Tape back-up maintenance and monitoring • Offsite tape services two days of tape back ups are kept offsite overnight. • SQL transaction log backup job monitoring • HM Assure monitoring • Daily server checks • HL7 Interface support • NAS storage management and maintenance
  3. IT Engineering: • Network design • Network configuration • Remote Access to network resources • New site implementation • WiFi network configuration and maintenance • Low voltage cabling • VPN configuration and maintenance
  4. IT Governance and management of in-house IT teams and practice IT environments: • IT processes and procedure design, documentation and implementation • Disaster recovery and security planning, documentation and implementation • Software and hardware license management • MIPS security audit completion and planning • Microsoft License audit completion and planning • IT Project planning and implementation
  5. Vendor collaboration and management ( ITSD, Admin, Eng): • Eclinicalworks • Allscripts • Nuemed • Cardiac Science • Welch Allyn • Fujitsu Support • Verizon • XO • Comcast • COX • Hologic • Viztek • Care Stream • Microsoft Licensing • Go-Daddy • Watchguard


Practice Assessment of:


Telemedicine Platform powered by CareClix:

Staffing & Recruitment

Healthcare staffing and recruitment powered by Express Healthcare Professionals. The healthcare field requires competence, compassion, and urgency in the care of patients. We can help your practice find and place healthcare professionals in all levels and positions:

Charge Capture

Charge Capture technology powered by UnisonMD. UnisonMD helps optimize the revenue cycle for out-of-office patient encounters at hospitals and other facilities. Providers realize enhanced financial results, increased staff productivity, mitigated administrative burden, and a high user satisfaction rating. Providers gain the following benefits:

MSO Development

Avosina collaborates with clients to identify value drivers in partnering to build a Management Service Organization (MSO) infrastructure. While considering risk management, financial improvement, and clinical performance enhancement opportunities, our team helps clients understand and architect a unique MSO with services and capabilities specified to optimize the client’s own existing infrastructure, while discerning iterative improvements and scaling strategies that align with the client’s principles and objectives. The Avosina team enables providers to establish their own MSOs, thereby creating an robust infrastructure for our providers to thrive autonomously.

Our Unique Approach:

  1. Existing infrastructure, financial, and contracts analysis – Can we create our own MSO? (capabilities assessment)
  2. Options and decision-tree analysis – Should we create our own MSO? (value assessment)
  3. Methodological recommendations – How do we create our own MSO? (strategic assessment)
  4. Devise operational plans to build the MSO – What do we need to build our MSO? (tactical assessment)
  5. Immediate profitability implementation – our unique, proprietary MSO modelling methodology enables MSOs to obtain rebated funds by harnessing our RCM/Analytics platform at a wholesale rate, thereby generating both a cost-reduction function as well as an immediate revenue generation function to the MSO.
  6. Immediate revenue generation capability – our partner MSO can leverage all of Avosina’s services for their own organizational needs while white-labeling Avosina services to practices, instantly providing the MSO with profit-generation capabilities.

We are driven by our vision to get healthcare leadership and care delivery back in the hands of physicians. Our unique MSO model enables physicians to strategically manage and lead their practices and organizations with short and long-term profitability without having to forsake their autonomy.

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We’re on a mission to fully harness the robust internal infrastructure of our RCM and IT expertise coupled with our vast external professional healthcare management and leadership networks in order to continually maximize our clients profits and drive the development of prosperous, hassle-free private practice independence.

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