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Avosina Medical Technologies is a unique billing service in that we work with absolutely any EHR system you have to maximize your billing process.  You never have to go through the hassle of switching from one system to another with us.  This uniquely enables us to use your own EHR’s patient statement system to create, format, and send out statements to patients.  Prior to you spending money and time on mailing out physical patient statements, we will send your patients electronic statements multiple times on a scheduled and systematic manner. By viewing the electronic statement, patients can review their balances and are able to make secure, convenient, and rapid payments online, through their patient portal if available, or by any other means they choose.

If payments aren’t made in a timely fashion, we will assess your EHR system and Clearinghouse linkage to implement manual-automated hybrid workflow processes for printing and mailing out physical paper statements based on specific SOPs created in conjunction with your practice. Along with electronic and mailed statements, if payments are not made promptly, we engage in an ongoing, systematic patient calling process with soft reminder calls and clear-cut notices, as per your practice’s specifications on the degree and level to which you’d like for us to establish soft-to-aggressive call sequencing and processes to send patients to collections should payments not be received.  We can also create SOPs with your practice to establish patient payment processes that set-up recurring installments to pay down large balances should you wish to offer such provisions to your patients. 

By taking a systematic, continuous approach with regular follow-ups and an unremitting dedication to collect every dollar for your practice, Avosina’s process for patient statements and patient calling maximizes your revenue collections efficiency and effectiveness from patients.  This has become increasingly important as the incentive for patients to pay their medical bills is diminishing:  while a greater and greater proportion of financial responsibility for medical bills is falling on patients with high-deductible/low coverage plans, the legal ramifications and credit penalties are getting smaller and smaller for patients with respect to paying medical bills. 

Avosina, on the other hand, only gets paid when you get paid, so with your practice’s and Avosina’s incentivizes aligned perfectly, and with our commitment and expertise to win your money from patients and payers alike for you, let us take the stress of timely revenue collections off of your plate so that you can focus on your expertise:  the practice of medicine.

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We’re on a mission to fully harness the robust internal infrastructure of our RCM and IT expertise coupled with our vast external professional healthcare management and leadership networks in order to continually maximize our clients profits and drive the development of prosperous, hassle-free private practice independence.

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