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Medical coding entails the population of clinical documentation into alpha-numerical code sets that reflect appropriate diagnostic and procedural work done during a given clinical encounter.  The medical coding process establishes the means by which a provider’s documentation is simplified into the preferred encoded language of payers so to render claim charges reimbursable.  

Code sets that signify clinical information regarding diagnosis and services must be thoroughly learned and accurately entered into the documentation of claims.  This is an extremely challenging process for providers to learn and memorize, especially as certain components of these codes are regularly being altered by CMS and other federal and commercial payers, often requiring different means of documentation and coding than other payers for the same exact type of clinical encounter. This makes the knowledge base regarding coding exponentially more challenging, and siphons away valuable time clinicians ought to have otherwise been spending on patient care.  Some code sets include ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, Facility codes, Charge capture codes, Professional codes, and Code Modifiers. 

Avosina’s Medical Coding Service

Avosina’s professional coding team allows you as providers to focus on patient care while we deliver to you all the detailed insights and accurate inputs of codes in all your claims.  Typically, you as a provider will be required to enter medical codes in your encounter documentation – we will review and teach you all of the codes specific to your specialty, and we will review and correct every claim to ensure medical coding accuracy.  We will add, remove, and modify codes as appropriate to maximize reimbursement while simultaneously minimizing audit risk.  We will inform you of all the steps and details as this is being executed on each and every claim.

Avosina has all the people, technologies, and best practice processes for your coding needs.  No longer do you have to fret about attracting and retaining professional coders, discovering and instituting coding governance technologies, and architecting coding processes that reflect ever-changing payer trends and audit methodologies.  We have you covered from start to finish. 

Value we add to you with Avosina’s Medical Coding Service

  • Minimize audit risks by federal and commercial payers
  • Ensure best practices and up-to-date compliance with all code sets
  • Maximize reimbursements on every encounter
  • Reduce delays in AR
  • Reduce stress regarding your coding with our fully transparent coding and reporting processes
  • Re-focus your time toward patient care
  • Decrease claim reimbursement turnaround times

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