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Linda Burke

Linda Burke is a healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience. Linda began her career at Georgetown Medical Hospital in 1981 where she developed a passion for modernizing healthcare. Before her current role as COO of Avosina, Linda helped build an infusion startup called Intracare, acquired by the billion-dollar home healthcare company, T2, where Linda served as Executive VP. With Stark Legislation impacting the industry, Linda saw opportunity in Revenue Cycle Management and decided to launch her own enterprise. The company she created, Practice Management Partners (PMP), enjoyed rapid growth serving over 200 physicians and was sold to NextGen in 2006. With practices continuing to demand her expertise, Linda formed her second RCM company, Comprehensive Physician Resources (CPR). In 2019, Linda merged the company with Avosina Medical Technologies, who shared her vision and passion for modernizing healthcare. Linda specializes in leveraging her understanding and management of the intricacies of the business side of medicine to enhance efficiency and maximize revenues.

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